Saturday, February 26, 2011

Itchy Green Thumb

My box of new seeds arrived today in Brooklyn. But of course it's still way too early to start them for transplanting upstate. The rain that was falling here today came down as snow in the Catskills. It's a full three months until the last frost date on our mountaintop, and possibly more than a month until the snow cover melts.

Even in Brooklyn, we're barely seeing the very first signs of spring, like snowdrops or the rounded tips of the daffodils. But I'm so, so ready to make something grow.

Luckily, last fall I built a little south-facing raised bed in our Brooklyn back yard. Most of the growing season, it's heavily shaded by tall maple trees. But I'm hoping I can get just enough weeks of sunlight before the trees leaf in to grow a miniature crop there.

And thus this afternoon I planted three kinds of spinach out there, covering the bed with plastic to make a wee cold frame. The start of the garden year!

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